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Both the work week and the Summer of 2009 were coming to an end.  This was your typical Thursday night.  Brunette and brown eyed Brynli (5) along with her blond, blue eyed brother Drake (2) were already asleep, recharging their batteries for one of their diminishing Summer days.  Pete (35) and Angi (31) were casually covering the topics at hand.  Do we have everything for preschool and kindergarten?  What should we do this weekend?  The furthest thing from this sweet family’s mind became an unexpected reality at 4:00AM August 21st, 2009.

Angi suddenly awoke to what seemed to be a healthy happy husband just 5 hours ago experiencing, for the first time, a grand mal seizure.  She quickly alerted 911 and tried to calm herself and two little ones as Pete was rushed to the hospital.  As medical teams worked tirelessly over the next couple of days to determine the cause, the range of emotions and thoughts that Pete and his family experienced can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

Pete and Angi were informed that Pete had a growth in the right side of his brain.  The coming months were blurred with Doctors appointments, different medicines, consultations, you name it.  In October of 2009 Pete had brain surgery to remove the growth and finally determine who the culprit was that had turned their lives upside down.

Oligoastrocytoma became the definitive diagnosis.  Basically some of Pete’s brain's supporting cells had become cancerous.  Pete and his family have been determined to beat this thing.  Their conviction over the past 3 years have brought them face to face with radiation therapy, additional brain surgeries and 3 different types of chemotherapy. 

Despite their incredible efforts and tireless commitment Pete took a drastic turn earlier this year in January of 2013.  Pneumonia and complete left side paralysis set in.  His speech and cognitive awareness have started to deteriorate.  Recent MRI’s have shown significant tumor growth and new tumor growth sites on the right side of his brain.

Our prayers, hearts, love and support are with Pete and his family.  In an effort to lessen the stress around financial burdens due to over-bearing medical bills, we have created this site to allow you, your family, friends, and friends of friends to support the Peterson family during these trying times.  We hope this effort will allow Pete and his family to focus on the quality of each day and not the quantity.

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